Last day (9/30) Tisk

Greetings, on the last day of our journey.

In the morning we had a breakfast and with good-byes to India on our lips we set off to the airport. All the check-ins went smoothly, they were only a little bit concerned about the coconuts I had in my hand luggage. The flight was unproblematic and it because it was during the day this time, we even saw some scenery. For example very large and parched mountains in Afghanistan. He felt a little temperature shock in Helsinki and we arrived to the Prague in evening hours. It was the firs time when they picked us for the custom control. Because we didn´t bring any alcohol, gold or ivory, they let us go pretty fast. Then we all prayed with thanks and we went home.

We learned a lot about India, we saw how they live, what they like, what´s appropriate and we learned some of their habits and manners. We appreciate the relationships we made a lot. I think that similar journey changes each man, whether he wills or not.

The journey is over, but this is not the end, it´s the beginning.

We collected lots of information and suggestions for the running project of building a school in India. We have to weigh possibilities, consider and discuss a lot. We will inform you about our next steps in few days.

We will of course set a video and photo projecting that you´ll be all invited to.

Once again, thank you for having us in your thoughts.

Marek (for all the travelers)

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