Farewell and take-off (9/29) Tisk
Hello! This is our last letter.

We said our good-byes in the hotel in the morning, paid tips to all the carriers and then we set off to spend about hour and half in the GEMS centre in Madhubani. (We had to watch the time, because we had to leave at 11.30 for the aiport in Patna.) There was around 90 people, more men than women and surprisingly lots of children. They have an orphanage there. The area is a big and they are planning to open a school for automechanics. Daniel took care off the greetings and good-byes and we got going.

Our driver Umesh flew threw those 180 kms in 4 and half hours. In Czech they would take his license away for that, but here it is much more relaxed. There are cars driving in oposite directions on the highway, passangers and cows are common sight.

In the car we were discussing more and more topics with Sahni, because you can never know enough about India.

We arrived at the airport with big time reserve. We parted with prayers and asking God´s blessing for each other.

The flight to Delhi was unproblematic. We finally met about 5 white people after nine days. The hotel, where we´re spending the night, could have looked nice maybe 15 years ago. But what a relief when we found out they had warm water running! We shall sleep tight tonight. Good night.

Thank you for your support. We will arrive home Monday evening.



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