EN: The good-bye dinner, plans, conclusion (Saturday 9/28/13) Tisk
Our last whole day in Madhubani.

The final conversations and conclusion making have been planned since morning. Our hotel room became a conference room. It was okey at start, but after the air condition was turned off at noon, the air grew heavier. Nevertheless the atmosphere was fine. We were able to openly share our concernes about our project (the school) being influenced by church. We promised to ourselves that the school would be a neutral zone which will focus on the education only. We were joined today by the first aspirant for the school headmaster´s position. We were nicely surprised by her experience and vigor. She worked as a headmaster before and currently she is running a small homeschool. It is attended by total 120 children. Sahni introduced us to the candidate for the English teaching post. Mr. Vinot owns a certification of English. This will be a tough time for Sahni, his task includes finding the appropriate building, the employee hiring, and school/organization registration.

Shopping. Shopping in India means to have time for two extra things that you won´t encounter in Czech. Haggling and a drink. Tea, Sprite or cold water are offered while you chat about family and life. That´s how you seal a proper deal here. Of course this mostly happens when higher prices are involved. The discount usually moves between 10-15% of the original price.

We had a good-bye dinner with Sahni´s family. During the whole week here, we were ordering the food blindly. This time we let them pick for us the meal wasn´t bad at all. It consisted of chicken and muton in spicy sauce, Paneer cheese in hot sauce, rice and bread as side dish and vegetable salad made of onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroots, limes and radish.

Marek paid for the hotel and car rental and he started counting total expenses. He sighed time to time as money were missing / were left over in his accounts. In the end we didn´t exceed our planned budget. Both Jakub and I acknowledged his detailed budget during our stay and we planned the expenses accordingly.

We packed our luggage and it seems, that we have more stuff than we came with. We are going to bed now. Looking forward to go home.

DaJaMa (written by Daniel)

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