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EN: Public school, Hindi Bible, King´s city of Darbhanga (Thursday 9/26 23:59 Bihar time) Tisk
Thursday is over and we are back in the freezer. The temperature outside has dropped by 4°C (to 35°C) and we had very little rain. The room temperature is constantly around 21°C, rising in the morning due to the air condition being off during the night. For that case we have a huge fan attached to the ceiling which can reach output of the airplane motor´s turbine.

We slept in for a while longer today, ate some biscuits for breakfast and set off with flegmatic Unesh and Shani to survey local public school, which is free of charge. Well, survey is a bit strong word here, we looked in all (two) classrooms and talked to all (four) employees. Next to the private Delhi public school, the difference was huge. This one was a primary school (1st - 5th grade), 1st - 3 rd grade in one room, 4th - 5th in the other. There was around 60 children in each room which could cause huge noise for example during loud reading. We asked many questions, Dan showed how a plane flies, which caused big applause from the younger children. I spoke to the older ones about Europe and Marek tested their english in the end. All the teachers were very nice and they shared lots of information that are important for our building project. What we found funny was, that if 157 children come to the school, they send one home, as the school is only for 156 pupils. Apparently, it happens quite often. Vinod, who is an assistant preacher and caretaker in the Madhubaní community, helped us to eastablish this visit. He also helped us to get into GEMS (Gospel Echoing Missionary Society), which is very active in Bihar (the community of Sahni´s village of birth Madhia Kamlavari is a part of this society). We´re adding some photos again, sadly before I managed to take one of Dan, he was already simulating plane´s landing.

public school

After that went for a lunch to Sahni´s family, where we were joined by his brother and his friend. We ate and Daniel couldn´t resist and he spoke shortly about the Bible, Sahni was translating for the others. Daniel, probably to test Vinod, claimed, that the verse about seeking the God´s kingdom is Matthew 5:33, but Vinod saw through that (correct answer is Matthew 6:33. Sahni told us that there is verse in Hindi Bible saying *Seek the state system and religion first, everything else will be supplemented*. If you´re ever gonna read the Hindi Bible, make sure you have a czech or English copy to look into.

After a short prayer we set off to see the King´s city of Darbhanga. This time it was 8 of us in the car so we finally felt we were fitting in. The roads were in better condition there and our average speed was 45 kmph. We even rode on the highway for a short period of time. In Darbhanga we checked a university of sanscrit and took a picture in front of a statue of the founder, who´s name I´ve forgotten. He was a famous king, who had the first helicopter and India and seven wives. Don´t know if those are connected. We tried to explain to Sahni that he looks very Europian, and that in no case he is an Indian. He had a fullbeard, which we haven´t seen on any Indian so far.

statue of the founder

We also stopped by in Kali´s temple, who is an indian goddess, recognizable by having many hands, black skin and long red tongue sticking out of her mouth. There is seven other temples in Darbhanga, one for each of the king´s wifes. Taking pictures was sadly forbidden. It looked well different than our church centre in Prague.

After we got explained the rules of cricket, we headed back. When we returned we went to the market to soak up some more of the Madhuban atmosphere. What fascinates me (except the traffic), is the amount of rubbish everywhere. It´s recomended to look down at what you´re stepping on. In the vacant spots after fallen buildings the trash is piling up and you can even see a wild boar there. Apparently they´re national boars.

Bata shoe brand is very popular here. Dan entered in one of the shops to explain that Bata was Czech and he returned with information that the shop assistant did know, he was Europian. I gave in to my professional deformation and starting chattting with a local pharmacist. The pharmacy was incredible, pictures on request. Again we had lots of people turning their heads towards us. Nobody asked us to sign anything today, but we had to pose on few pictures. It´s nice that lots of youg people speak English, so we can chat with them. We also found a person, who knew, with no clues given, where the Czech republic is. We were well pleased with that.

There will be a christening tomorrow in Rajnagar and on our special request, we are taking the train this time.

DaJaMa (written by Jakub)

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