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EN: Humidity, Nepal, autograms, market, kissed feet (Tuesday 9/24) Tisk

Living in a hotel is a big blessing. The air condition in our room works from 7 pm. After a whole day in car, visting houses or taking a walk it is a huge difference - like walking into a freezer. I always say to myself, we´re not gonna make it, but after 2-3 minutes we get used to it. Just opening the door to the hotel hallway makes us realize where we are. Warmth and humidity. We try to wash the clothes, hang them outside hoping they would dry out. It almost worked out, almost. They just don´t.

Today we visited Nepal. It was just a short walk to the nearest village from the borders. I managed to exchange some nepal rupees as a souvenir. The soldiers at the border were really interested in euros, sadly we didn´t have any with us. Maybe they wanted them as a proof of our europian nationality, though they never asked for our passports. Or maybe they were collecting coins and euro is eluding them...?!

We had our five minutes of fame, when we were signing school books in one of the local private schools. Almost the whole school interrupted the classes. The children competed in getting the signatures from all of us. When they were finished the teachers took their turns in taking pictures with us. The photo bellow pictures us with the school headmaster and random children.


We tried some big white radishes and local fried couisine at a market. We add some documented proofs aswell. As everywhere else before, we caused excitement here. I don´t know why though, because we are trying to blend in and look inconspicuous.


Again we experienced huge culture difference in hosts welcoming. In one house, where we stopped by, we got greeted by being kissed on our feet by a teenage girl. It was a nice visit that ended with a litttle crowd of people coming for blessing from white people. Sometimes it feels like we were the first white people, they´ve ever seen.

If you have any questions or messages, feel free to text us on Marek´s number: +420 725 535 415.

DaJaMa (written by Daniel)

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