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EN: A river christening, healing, the journey by train (Friday 9/27 23:59 Bihar time) Tisk

Friday was about the christening and the train journey.

We left the hotel early in the morning, so we could still see the king´s place in Rajnagar. Umesh was driving perfectly as always and the traffic was pretty smooth due to the early hours. The king´s place is a huge complex of temples and palaces. Several of the building were taken by the army and they are in decay, rest is decaying even without the army. The complex is monumental. It was built around 100 years ago and it was still working in early 1990s. What´s left are unrepairable ruins, but the genius loci (spirit of the place) remains. Everything is a property of the royal family so we´ve started planning how we´re gonna repair it all in the cooperation with the royal family. Unfortunatelly the family is scattered, one of the important members has gone mad and another lives in unknown place abroad.

Then the christening of 10 Rajnagar community members took place. One of them was Tapeshwar, who we knew about from Sahni´s letters. The christening took place in the river and Dan participated in the ceremony with pastor Sitaram. Picture is below. It was very strong and interesting moment, it was intriguing to see the differences between men´s and women´s christening (clothing, behaviour). We got little bit delayed, because even though men were done very fast, the women took quite a long time to replace all their saris. The journalists arrived again after, but this time in more friendly spirit. Maybe our names will appear in one of the Bihar´s daily newspapers. We shall see.


After the christening we went to a house of one of our brothers for breakfast followed shortly with lunch. We prayed together with Sitaram for the healing of his feverish brother, which thanks to God did happen. Tapeshwar has an ill mother aswell and his family is blaming him, his christening being the reason for it. We didn´t pray for the mother, because as hindu, she was strictly against it.

After the lunch Dan took the Bible and started explaining, that Jesus is the only way towards God. We met many times before here with the opinions that there are more ways (common aswell for hindu and muslims). Dan explained it all nice and simple. He is skilled that way. Picture from the meeting below. The house was very clean and in general the whole afternoon was held in nice spirit. The atmosphere changed a little bit when we visited house of Tapeshwar´s parents, where he lives aswell. His brother was already recovered, but his mother was still poorly and in addition we understood, that Tapeshwar was very radical towards his parents´ religion and he demanded of them to throw away all hindu religion symbols and relics, which they refused to do. We´ve tried to explain to him, that if they are not forcing him into their religion, he should live with them in peace. After that we only gave away some more glasses for the church in Rajnagar and we set off to Madhubani by train.

house of one of our brothers

Next to what my image of indian trains was, the reality was little better. The train was just a little bit older and dirtier than the one in Czech. Everybody wanted to chat with us and they were all very nice. When we returned we tried another mean of transportation, so called turbo-riksha. Sahni told us, the name is *tempu* and it consists of a metal box on 3 wheels with a motorcycle engine. We might have not mentioned it before, but we´ve tried riksha twice in the past few days. It wasn´t too bad, but we must have gained weight, because it was bit tight there with 2 of on one and the pullers seemed very tired in the end. Turbo-riksha was much more comfortable.

Thanks to God we are all still well, Marek overcame some indigestions. Please pray for Tapeshwar´s family. Sahni´s family is in our concerns aswell, as Sahni´s wife is still in doubts with her faith.

Tomorrow will be about discussions and planning about furter co-operation and we have many people to meet and talk to yet. On Sunday morning we will join the service in Madhubani and at noon local time, we will set off to our long journey home.

DaJaMa (written by Jakub)

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